About Elev8 Builders

High Quality, Creative Commercial Construction Solutions

Our Story

Elev8 Builders, founded in January 2022 by two experienced entrepreneurs, is a full-service Certified General Contractor with a backlog of $70M. The Principals have a proven track record of delivering large-scale, complex projects in senior leadership positions at large GC’s and two Fortune 500 companies. Their well-versed process & manufacturing project experience, coupled with commissioning & validation expertise, uniquely positions Elev8 Builders to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions for their clients.

Our Vision

Hyper focused on what matters: delivering for the client and enabling the boots on the ground team.

Keep our commitments & produce quality work; we are an extension of our clients

Self-perform team to jump start and close out projects; control resources and quality

Elev8 Builders Executive Team

Elev8 Builders’ Executive Team has over 50+ years of experience, $6 billion in completed projects, and a proven track record of success with large General Contractors and Fortune 500 companies.

Elev8 Brian

Brian Eaton


Elev8 John

John Fall


Elev8 Bryant

Bryant Bell


Elev8 Builders is a commercial construction company that delivers high-quality, creative solutions through a broad range of services. With backgrounds spanning planning, project management, and self-perform experience, our team has in excess of 50+ years of commercial construction expertise. The Elev8 Team has a long standing and proven track record of delivering projects at the highest standards, within strict budgets, and tight timelines. We have the ability to self-perform multiple scopes of work, enabling Elev8 to control quality and drive accountability that ultimately delivers a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Why Elev8 Builders

At Elev8 Builders we believe that a quality commercial construction partner is key to the success of your project. Having the right team members that are involved in the early design phase to help develop an acceptable budget, a timeline that aligns with the clients needs and who is committed to the overall success of all parties involved. Our team understands that helping to facilitate the process of early design and value engineering input helps in aligning the project with the client’s program and keeps in line throughout the entire project. We understand its more than just putting up walls and a roof. It’s about creating spaces that are both functional and inspiring. Spaces that help businesses grow and thrive. Spaces that people love to work in and visit.

That’s why our team takes a creative approach to every project. We start by listening to our clients and understanding their needs and goals. We further that by aligning our teams with all of the parties involved to develop a solution that is feasible and minimizes any surprises or unforeseen impacts to the project. Once the design is completed, we use our expertise and experience to deliver a high-quality project on time and within budget. Its simple; keep our commitments and deliver the project as promised; within budget and on time!

Our team focuses in the commercial, manufacturing, biopharma, retail, healthcare, and higher-education markets. Whether you’re building a ground up building, renovating an existing structure or simply have interior fit out, Elev8 Builders can help you create a space that is both functional and inspiring.

“Elev8 Builders is Hyper focused on what matters – delivering for the client and enabling the boots on the ground team.  We keep our commitments & produce quality work; we are an extension of our clients.”

– Brian Eaton